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Mirage Festival 2017


This year's main theme of the Mirage Festival was (Im)materiality, so we had to come up with ideas that enhanced the effect of abstract and intangiblility. The website features an interactive SVG animated face, soft mouseover animations based on WebGL displacement maps and a lot of CSS3 goodness.

Project involved :

Snap.js, PIXI.js, AJAX and CSS3 animations

In collaboration with Cécile + Roger
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Arnaud Laffond


As Arnaud Laffond's work is all about shapes and textures, we thought it would be nice to provide zoomable galleries to fully enjoy Arnaud's HD images. The user interface is designed to work as well on touch devices as on desktop. The site homepage also features a hypnotic 3D kind of slideshow that highlights Arnaud's main projects.

Project involved :

three.js, touch gestures, javascript

In collaboration with Gaspard Ollagnon
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Mirage Festival 2016


For that edition, Cécile + Roger's design was based on heat haze. I used Paper.js to create the illusion of heat waves, with a bit of interaction so the users could play with it. We've also added SVG duotone filters and CSS clip-path animations for a better user experience.

Project involved :

Paper.js, SVG filters, CSS masking

In collaboration with Cécile + Roger
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The 8000ers

A WebGL 3D experimentation that let you explore all 14 highest mountains of the world. Based on open-source heightmaps and NASA satellite pictures.

Launch experiment


A fun 3D galactic shoot’em up where you have to destroy all level targets before time runs out. Built with three.js

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I am Martin Laxenaire, a french freelance front end javascript developper, web and UX designer working in Lyon, France.

I am focusing on creating beautiful innovative user experiences and interfaces. I am working with libraries such as three.js, PIXI.js, Snap.js, Paper.js and pretty much everything that allows nice interactions and animations.
I am also the author of curtains.js, a vanilla javascript library that turns HTML elements into WebGL planes, allowing to animate them via shaders.

I am always looking for new ways to spice up a website, from SVG animations to WebGL 3D elements. Performance on desktop and mobile devices remains a main concern.

When I am not working on cool interactive stuff I am usually developping React.js web apps with Fractal IT.

If you would like to know more, feel free to contact me.