Hello world!

I'm a front end creative
developer based
in Lyon, France.

I'm focusing on creating neat
animations and interactions.

I'm usually working with
agencies, startups, associations
and other freelancers.

More references

Projet SENSEI(2019 — React.js, canvas)
Mirage Festival 2018(2018 — Wordpress, three.js & native WebGL)
Visuaal(2017 — Multilingual Wordpress)
Mirage Festival 2017(2017 — Wordpress, Snap.svg & PIXI.js)
Arnaud Laffond(2016 — Wordpress, three.js)

I also like to experiment
and try new stuff from
time to time!

Check out those cool
interactive demos

Want to know more?

Process and skills

I am specialized in front-end development, animations and micro-interactions, usually working with WebGL, HTML5 canvas and SVG. I am trying to create unique and playful websites to provide a memorable user experience.

I am always keeping an eye on performance to make sure the overall feeling stays the same on every device, mobiles included.

Awards & recognition

My work has been recognized by the webdesign industry as I won site of the day's awards on Awwwards, FWA and CSS Design Awards.

I've also had websites and experimentations featured in the most reknowned online magazines and blogs such as Codrops, Communication Arts, Muzli, Mindsparkle Mag...

Open source contribution

I am also the author of curtains.js, an open source WebGL library that turns HTML DOM elements into WebGL planes.
I keep maintaining it to improve its capabilities and performance over time.

In case you were wondering how powerful it is, it's actually responsible for most of the animations and interactions of this website.

Got a project?

I'm always delighted to work on great projects! If you're interested in working with me, feel free to drop me an email.

Let's get social!

Of course you can find me on social networks like Twitter and GitHub.

I also like to try new things out on CodePen and sometimes show some work in progress stuff on my Dribbble page.