Mirage Festival ’20

Mirage Festival 2020 case study cover

Event website

Cécile + Roger and I had to excel to celebrate the last festival edition. We emphasized the festival's "Cosmogonic" thematic with a hero animated space rocket and WebGL text and images warp effects.

Canvas, gradient background and marquees

I used offscreen canvases to animate the homepage rocket, curtains.js for all the WebGL effects and a bit of CSS and javascript magic for everything else.

We've added an infinite background gradient animation, and big typographic old school marquees for a retro-futuristic look & feel.

Mirage Festival 2020 website homepage

No tradeoffs on mobile

The mobile version includes the exact same animations, even enhanced by the use of device motion and orientation in some cases, and still runs super smoothly!

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Analogue Production

Analogue Production