Mirage Festival ’19

Event website

We once again teamed with Cécile + Roger to deliver an interactive website full of turbulences, swirls and displacement effects highlighting Mirage Festival's 9th edition's "Turmoil" thematic.

WebGL all over the place

I used three.js to create a background scene and added hovering 3D shapes in the foreground of the home page to stick with the art direction Cécile + Roger had come up with.

I also used curtains.js on the artists and installations pages pictures and played with the scroll and mouse over effects to emphasize this years thematic.

Last but not least the layout, animations and transitions are paying a big hommage to 80's sci-fi computer interfaces.

Mirage Festival 2019 website homepage

Same experience on mobile

I've worked hard to provide an equally satisfaying experience on mobile: no cutbacks with all the WebGL animations as well, even enhanced by device orientation micro-interactions.

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